CA Yoga Barre was created with intention and those core intentions are simply: “Kindness” to all. “Freedom” of Heart, Mind, Body. “Growth” of Breath, Physical limits, Emotional & Spiritual Depth. Having a healthy studio setting in life is a gift and that is what CA Yoga Barre commits to providing. This studio is built on love, experience, and strong foundation. CA Yoga Barre is about, Compassion, Courtesy, Community, Commitment and Connection. This is a place where everyone is welcomed with respect, open hearts and minds.



I love this life and I’m still learning everyday, while not every moment has been easy for me, I am truly thankful for this sense of community and this amazing place I live and work in. I have such gratitude for Yoga being introduced to my life and giving me appreciation, compassion and understanding of my inner self, people and community near and abroad. Always growing my sense of understanding and compassion is one of the best lessons yoga continues to teach me. It has been 5 years of making teaching my full-time job. I completed my first 500 hour training in 2014 and since then has completed 600 more hours of training and taught more then 2000 hours of classes. Teaching in multiple locations in North America including, Los Angeles, Columbus, Miami, Phoenix, Canada, Nicaragua, taught me this is what I am meant to do and this is where I am supposed to be. In my first years of teaching yoga I was also fortunate to discover “Barre” and take a teacher training. This brings me back to my roots of growing up as a competitive dancer. I love Barre classes, its soo different from yoga but also soo amazing!! I am beyond passionate about creating this space for our community. I created CA Yoga Barre and am passionate about the principals it is founded on. Can’t wait to take class with you and share my passion for life with all you!!!


My yoga journey began in January 2014. I developed a daily practice, which taught me to observe my thoughts. I quickly realized that I felt the most alive when I was on my yoga mat. This practice is like magic. Yoga has helped me overcome depression, and has awakened a deep passion I have for helping others. I received my 200hr yoga teacher certification in September 2014 at Yoga to the People in Tempe, AZ. In july 2018 I received my 300 hr yoga certification with John Salisbury at Modern Yoga in Scottsdale, AZ. Each time I teach yoga or meditation.I feel great gratitude and fulfillment. My goal is to guide the practitioner through an energetic sequence that challenges them mentally and physical and allows them to tap into the best version of themselves. Outside of yoga I am a photographer, mommy to two furbabies, and spend time outdoors. I am very passionate about what I do and I look forward to my continued growth as an instructor.


I did not find Yoga. Yoga found me. The practice has gotten me through all the good and all the bad. It is a direct line to my internal peace. I started practicing about 6 years ago and decided early on in my practice that I wanted to become a teacher. I saved up and booked my training in Thailand for an immersive/intensive program where I was taught Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, and more. I have been teaching for two years now and I can not wait to learn more with each training I do. If I am not practicing or teaching catch me still being active outside, in the gym, running/hiking, studying, cooking, reading, hanging with my dog and cat, and dancing with my friends! CAYogaBarre could not be more of a special place to be yourself, work out, have fun, and build your community. It is such an honor to be a part of this amazing team.


My passion for Yoga is directly tied to my passion for music. For years I practiced in search of a teacher who loved rap and hip hop as much as I did. Without luck, I decided to take sculpt teacher training in 2016 to be that teacher for other students. Yoga gave me the confidence to leave my 9 - 5 and pursue things I am truly passionate about so my goal as a teacher is to make students feel confident to take on anything they set their mind to. CAYogaBarre totally embodies that moto which is why I love teaching here! If I am not teaching sculpt, you can catch me working on @cakestreetclothing or playing with my dog, Cash!


I have been teaching yoga in the valley ever since I moved here in 2016. Playing sports my whole life I have always been drawn to a more athletic style of yoga which distinguishes his teaching from everyone else. Class usually starts slow with a centering to find your breath then right into common weak point focuses like building wrist strength and improving spine segmentation. After a 15-20 minute warm-up expect fun variations of Sun A to get the blood flowing right into the body of the class where there is a heavy focus on internal and external rotation of joints as well as taking joints to there end range of motion and creating force. These are functional range conditioning (FRC) concepts that Karl has fused into his yoga classes. Expect to sweat, learn, and most importantly have fun as you practice my functional mobility flow.

Lauren H

Hello my name is Lauren Hobson! I’m an Arizona native, workout enthusiast, and elementary school teacher! When I’m avoiding grading papers... you’ll find me doing my next favorite activity, teaching barre! After a long love affair practicing barre, I decided to become an instructor in 2014 and have never looked back! What I love most about barre is the amazing strength it gives me. When faced with previous injuries, barre was the best solution to safely strengthen, heal, and tone my body from head to toe. I have been so lucky to be able to share my passion of barre with students over the years, and I look forward to continuing on that journey! Whether you’re looking for strength, healing, confidence, or even just an excuse to have a cocktail after class... I’ll see you at the barre!

Nicole T

I discovered my love for barre a few years ago after taking class and loved it so much that I looked into becoming an instructor and have been teaching ever since! I’ve been instructing for four years and absolutely love it. I believe barre is the quickest way to tone and strengthen your body, I’ve seen it in myself and many dedicated clients over the years! I enjoy getting to know my clients and love it when I see them come back! I moved here from Wisconsin and have been in Scottsdale for 10 years now. Met my amazing husband here and together we raise our happy, busy one year old son, Aden. Come try out my class, it’s not easy but I promise you will leave feeling challenged and accomplished. Can’t wait to see you at the barre!


I believe the body is capable of so much more than the physical. Through movement and breath, we can communicate, deconstruct, open-up, discover, and empower. Yoga and Barre are a practice of exploration and every day is a new discovery. I was drawn to teaching barre and yoga when my two young uns were younger with the desire to be a better Mom. Sharing Yoga and Barre's ability to center her mind and redirect her energies assisted in the gentle guiding of two young impressionable souls. I have a high respect for taking care of the body and emphasizes form. When not teaching, I enjoy a long joyous relationship with running and calls it her meditation time where she either dreams in fantasy land or gets real with a gut check. All physical discovery and teaching pursuits take second to my husband, two children, extended family and furry friends. This support system has allowed me to continue to be a “work in progress” to which she is forever grateful


I see yoga as an outlet for creativity to flow through, a space in which I can be authentically myself. My classes bring an upbeat, powerful, and lighthearted approach to the ancient practice. I would describe my style of teaching as blending traditional asana, unique transitions and breath linked movements together to create a dance on the mat. I was first introduced to the practice as a little girl around age seven. After being a competitive gymnast I was left with a pretty broken body and a wild monkey mind. I made my way back to the mat after my final season of gymnastics as a place of refuge. It immediately felt like home. Fast forward about five years, and I completed by 200 hour training under John Salisbury in 2017 when I was a junior in high school. I have been teaching since the week I completed that training and continue to sit in on teacher trainings whenever I can! My goal is to create a sacred and safe environment, enhancing the authenticity of the practice.


My yoga journey began where I grew up - right here in Scottsdale, Arizona. I started practicing yoga at the YMCA while I was in high school. After taking an Ashtanga Vinyasa course in college, I developed a passion for the fluid movement and moving meditations yoga’s asana provided. I lived and practiced in San Francisco for 12 years, where I found my yoga home with heated vinyasa. I moved back to Arizona in the summer of 2019 and joined the CA Yoga Barre community as a student. After completing my Yoga Teacher Training at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, I was excited to find an opportunity to teach and share my passion with a community that is so close to my heart. My goal is to hold space in my classes that facilitates mindfulness, intentional living and holistic wellness through yoga practice, spiritual education and inclusive community - on and off the mat.

Anton Mackey

Anton Mackey is a deliberate & intentional yoga teacher who masterfully bridges the gap between the spiritual and the physical, weaving his knowledge of the human body with the sacred wisdom of the soul.
Anton believes yoga is the practice of uniting the Divine Feminine with the Sacred Masculine to create harmony of mind, body, & soul!
His teaching and guidance creates a space for students to access their greatest creative potential while navigating beyond limitations, inspiring them to become Empowered, Connected, & Whole!

Melissa Horsman

A Detroit native, I have been living in the Valley since 2007. Always being active mostly through cardio and Bikram yoga, I discovered barre classes in early 2017 and was hooked ever since! In October of 2018 I decided to take my love of barre to the next level and begin teaching. I am forever excited to share my love of barre with others while continuing to grow and learn with them and keep my classes interesting and motivating. My other hobbies include running, hiking, reading, and (let’s not forget) pizza – because life is all about balance! As an active family, my husband and I have two young daughters with whom we plan to share our love of fitness and instill in them the mental and physical lifelong importance of movement, mobility, mind-body awareness, and healthy self-confidence!

Yoga Barre Pricing

  • TWO WEEK INTRO – $40
  • DROP IN – $21
  • 1 YEAR UNLIMITED – $125/Month
  • 1 MONTH UNLIMITED – $155
  • 3 months unlimted – $375
  • 6 months unlimited – $720
  • student pricing – 15% off purchase
  • 10 CLASSES – $170
  • 20 CLASSES – $320



CA Yoga Barre
3533 N 70th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


CA Yoga Barre
3533 N 70th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251